An organization dedicated to preserving

the Creole Heritage.

"L 'Union Fait la Force"

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Mission Statement

The mission of C.R.E.O.L.E. Inc. is to:


• Develop and perpetuate the Creole language and culture as it exits in the state of Louisiana through identifying its rich resources and encourage its appreciation.


• Provide opportunities for global sharing of multicultural experiences within the Creole community through awareness of similar culture. Amelioration of communication and encouragement of exchange at all levels.


• Develop and maintain programs that may enhance the purpose of the Corporation.

Founding Members

Pictured left to right: Claire Hernandez, W. Paul Cluse, Mary Alice Drake, Herbert Wiltz, John Broussard and Geneva Phillips. Not pictured: Marlene Broussard

What is Creole?

For many centuries, the word Creole has had as many as 30 known definitions. It is a fact that the word Creole had its origin in Africa, citing the countries of Senegal and Mali. In these areas it is belived that in the 11th century Creolism began. In search of new lands, ideas, riches knowledge and to dispute the philosphers and historians, men became daring explorers. It is through their discoveries that these varying cultures co-existed in harmony to form the cradle of Creolism. It is documented in the annals of history, that the creoles of Senegal, whether as freemen or as slaves, traveled directly from Senegal and Mali to Louisiana.


The members of C.R.E.O.L.E., INC. define Creole as individuals of African descent whose cultural roots have been influenced by other cultures such as French, Spanish, and/or Indian. These individuals have traveled through the centuries carrying their oral history, art forms, culinary skills, religious beliefs and kaleidoscope culture.




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